“Be aware… tomorrow is nothing if we dont embrace today.” GVB


I see time and time again, people turning back the chance to try something new from a simple food to a major career opportunity. The fear people have about not performing well at something restricts them from ever becoming better they could become if they just tried it.

You see the world is always a place of uncertainty and a certain level of negativity, but if you can believe in yourself, your abilities and your vision, then you really have a chance to become what you desire most.

I remember being told that I was no good, being laughed at and ridiculed, all because of the things I was trying to become. You see if people cannot see it for themselves, they will never be able to see it for you.

“Be aware, tomorrow is nothing if you don’t embrace today.” GVB

I know this to be true because had I listened to the negative talkers I never would have become anything of worth.

“We all have a journey, but too many are afraid to start.” GVB

So start your journey… but remember, your pathway in life and how far you go depends on how much pain you are willing to go through. Your life is worth everything you can give to it, every moment, every effort.

If we just look inside ourselves, fill our mind with a constant level of positive thoughts, keep a journal of your goals and objectives, both long and short term… and then step by step set out to fulfill them, we will soon realize that a little consistent, valiant effort will make things happen for us.

We all will have set backs, at some point in time we will have visits from Murphy’s law and be faced with major adversities. So remember in times of crisis always understand the reasons you started on your journey, keep those thoughts in your head as it will give you the energy to fight on.

You need to look at the attitudes of children, when they start something new they don’t care that they are poor in skill, they just keep doing it and eventually they improve. Adults are too afraid of how bad they will look in front of others, and what people will say about them. WHO CARES WHAT THEY SAY!!!

Everything is difficult at first… that’s because it is all part of the conscious thinking process. It’s like playing a piano or riding a bike… when we start, we are self conscious, our performance is poor and we fall, but after practicing and practicing, we fall much less and we gain confidence.

Once you realize that this is all part of the brain’s transition process you will be more at ease. You see once you perform something enough times your brain transfers that applied skill from the conscious process and turns it into part of the sub conscious process.

The conscious part of the brain can only think of one thing at a time, but once it becomes part of the sub conscious, then it all becomes part of the vast depths of our brain’s super computer, which can do a multitude of activities at once. This takes repetitive practice, correct practice and correct thinking.

So don’t be worried about what people might think, what they say, and the sniggers you hear. get and do what you want, without worry. Happily be bad at it, keep practicing until your not so bad at it, then you will find the desire to become truly great at it.

Everything I try, I visualize myself already being the champion, even if I’m terrible at first. It gives me something to aim for and starts me thinking like a champion.

Remember champions think to win, visualize to win and train to win, and put together it all makes a pretty formidable package. NOW GET TO IT!

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