Fighting Through

So the what do you do when the day feels arduous and long. you try and fail, not matter how hard you push, day after day week after week and still you see no results. Progress seems like such a long shot you have to fight through the darkness to find the fading light… and some days staying asleep feels better than facing¬† the challenges and pain of the day ahead.

Life is a journey, not a monetary journey… It is a journey of discovery, and a fleeting journey at best. It doesn’t matter your beliefs, or what you faiths are… if you believe we pass over, pass on, are reincarnated, or we just become food for worms…we are in this life right now, so don’t waste it.

We owe it to ourselves and those who travelled before us, and to those who will travel after us to give them the chance of having a better and brighter world. We should learn from each day and grow from it.

My dream is for each of us to become someone who leaves this planet better by our presence and time here than when we started, someone that will be remembered for the love we gave, the pathways we forged and the rime we took to better peoples lives.

But taking this road forward sometimes is harder than we believed. Some days it hurts to face the morning, sometimes we have to wake again after facing after loss upon loss until we wonder why we were born at all… but in that lies the question we must find the answer.

Wake each day with a deep breath for life, the desire to live a full life. Even though our superficial public view on the planet and all the negativity in the news might make us scared, tell us no, and frighten the hell out of us, we must fight to keep that small glimmer of faith, fight for the rights to have a better planet, fight for the right to keep ourselves learning and growing beyond the day before, and keep the desire that you have a purpose and that you matter.

i think these days we get so wound up in what we have been led to believe by media and specific governing bodies, that we have forgotten what truly does matter. So I’m going to help you out…

i ask that in the next morning when you wake, look around you and see the beauty in what surrounds you, your family, your friends, the gifts of nature and the seasons it brings. See the positive in something so simple but complex as a blade of grass created by nature, or the genius is some of the creations of humankind. Wake early on a winters morning to see the steam from your breath as you journey to a vantage point to witness the start of a new day as the sun rises and brings warmth and life to you and your world. embrace your children and hold them high, don’t scold them or tell them how bad they are, when a little praise may change their path, look at the essence of new life in their eyes and ignite the glimmer you once had in yours and turn it into a flame.

You see in my opinion, life doesn’t dwindle, we do, because we allow ourselves to think that the planet is old, that we have no use or purpose left on it, that we are all part of a vast machine. Sure, there is a machine out there created by humans that we have become a part of, but it doesn’t control who we are unless we allow it to.

If you are one of those who wake each day, sitting on the edge of the bed, not wanting to face another day,  then i ask you to find the strength inside yourself to change. Take a walk early in the morning and watch the sun rise, take a moment to remember the history of the invention of a simple piece of paper, or the smile it brings when you see a dog wag its tail. let the simple things make you smile again.

Turn off the television and disengage from what specific forces are wanting you to believe and get back to your path. Start to walk it. once you realise what surrounds you and that we aren’t the most important thing in the universe, but a very important part of the universe, we will open ourselves up to some true understanding.

Have a brilliant day. GVB

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