When I started winning at sport people told me I was lucky, but the truth is I have never felt lucky, I have never won anything in a competition that I have never worked for. I have never won lotto or games of chance, except by betting on the odd on favourite… and i made the odds on favourite ME.

How did I repeatedly do this? By working and training above and beyond all others so I could have the victory that they spoke of having but never put the work in to achieve. This is the only way I know how to win. It give it all I have to give and all I want to give, because if I do all this, then i have a chance of winning.

You see I love to compete and I love to win, but I also love to lose I enjoy the pain of the fight and the sweat of the battle. You see the wounds of our losses remind us of the win that got away and the ever growing hunger that sits inside all of us just waiting to be fed… and we owe it to our lives to feed this hunger, if we don’t take care of it, nurture it and harness it, it will unfortunately eventually fade and die. This I can tell you for certain. So fight the fight, live the life, talk the talk, and truly walk the walk!

I remember going through some hardships a while back and I was forced back into a work environment that I swore I would never re-enter. But I did this for the greater good of my family, and looking back now I feel it was something I was meant to do.

The direction I now choose in my life was all because of that circumstance, all because of the turmoil that I witnessed every single day. Not so much to me, but so many others. For me, I learned what it felt like to be one of the masses, lost in a sea of bodies who lacked direction and leadership. I had to confront every moment of this, and i hated it. But it was in that moment I was awoken to the fact that so many people exist this way, and it taught me I had still had so much more to give, it also taught me that WE all had so much more to give.

This is now my mission, to help, the teach people to grow in mind and spirit, to gain knowledge through self education and live a bigger life for the benefit of their family. To teach a parent that its not okay to spend so much time away from a child who needs their mum or dad. A child who looks for guidance to an empty room or empty chair, who has questions to ask, but no one to question. I want people to be there for each other for their children and to be allowed the greatness of making the time to witness their lives before they end, and to know the joy and special times of family.

If you have a dream a goal or a skill you wanted to fulfill then start. Start today, start now. The time is at hand to lead by example and to show this world the life you came to live just wasn’t a pipe dream. No get off the computer and start on your path!

Then eventually when you do make it, you can pass it on to the youth. Then your journey through this world will have had some tangible worth. Keep this is mind. GVB

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