How planning will let you win.

I was in the city centre today making my way to teach someone when i noticed a 50+ year old unhappily serving a large group of people. It made me wonder what it takes to send someone so far along a path they were never intended to be on. How does life get so far away from our original dreams?

I believe no matter what the life situations and hits life throws at you, you have to be able to direct yourself so they are glancing blows. We all know life can be ruthless at times. My family went through a living hell last year when we almost lost everything, but through some remapping and planning we made it back.

It got me to thinking. i asked a few people i know, what were their plans for the next 2 years, 5 years of life… No one could give me a clear answer.

So why is it we put more planning into mapping out a holiday than we do our life?

When people travel they book the flights, transfers, accommodation, hire car, trip activities and their transport home. So why don’t we do this with our lives? Every athlete or business that inevitably succeeds has a distinct and malleable plan. They have short term goals and long term goals, and they set out methodically and pragmatically to achieve these goals.┬áIts that simple.
Tip of the day… keep a daily journal. that way you can keep accurate mapping of your development and see where things might not be up to scratch. i will tell you honestly… if you cant keep a simple journal, then you can probably forget about ever being someone really successful. it takes dedication to win in anything. so lets get dedicated, lets grab a journal and keep records, get out there and show the world what we have under the bonnet.


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