Its time to live again.

What does it mean to fail?

What does it mean to fear that your life is adding up to nothing?

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see potential or vivid failure?

Each day I look in the mirror I want to be inspired by what I see, by what I feel I can do, what I am working to achieve. There are days I hate my reflection, as I know I have let myself down in some capacity or not fulfilled part of the plan for my life’s journey

You see we never know how many breaths of life’s air we will inhale, how many heartbeats we will have, loved ones we will embrace, victories we will achieve, or losses we will suffer.

So I say to you, live each day to its fullest, sleep less than you want, aspire more, fear less and begin to realise your worth. You see in my eyes, heart and soul I see vision sitting in the mind before it ever gets to the eyes, those that see only with their eyes need to close their eyes and truly see what the world can be, not what it currently is.

I have experienced many hard times in my life, much anguish, much pain and sorrow, but also much elation, love, friendship and beauty. I know in human life, as it is in any, as we grow older those things are slowly stripped away from us. I try to explain this to my children as best I can at their relevant ages. I tell them to live each day for all it can be, aspire to excel in everything they do and to dream big dreams.

I wish for them a life richer than mine, with experiences greater than mine, with love deeper than mine, and resilience greater than mine. I have been pushed to the very edge of life only twice, and both times I have returned from there with more value and understanding of the fragility of life.

We all think life is endless, that it is ongoing, but plenty of people who were here yesterday aren’t here today, for them it is over. So my question is this. What greatness were they buried with? What wonders and possibilities did they not give to the world because their time was cut short? Or maybe it wasn’t. maybe they just wasted it, or maybe they spent their life pondering the if’s and but’s of their calling. You see I don’t ever want to be that person. If you have a dream, you owe it to yourself to reach for it, if you have a goal,  put in the work to take it, and if you have a love, fulfil it.

I speak to people on a regular basis who tell me they don’t have enough time. One thing I have learned is that you can actually make time, create time and take time back. Each day get up one hour earlier, go to bed one hour later. This will create 2 more hours of effective time per day, 14 hours a week, 728 hours a year, that is a whole extra month a year!  1 month of extra life a year… and I say life as I don’t believe sleeping is living. I constantly people tell me they’re tired, they need sleep.. even if you add 2 hours a day, you’re still getting around 6 hours of sleep a night, and in my opinion you’ll get enough rest when you’re dead.

But the time you spend needs to be effective time. You must plan it. Why is it that so many people plan out entire trips and holidays, but never ever make even a simple plan for their lives? When they travel they book transfers, airfares, accommodation, entertainment, and return flights home. But when it comes to life, it’s all a roll of the dice, or worse still, they’ve given the dice to someone else.

Im telling you now. Take back your life, experience everything you were born to do. Life a rich full life and don’t become one of the barely existing masses who have been gound into such a level of pessimism about their life and the world that they never even set the bar, let alone try to raise it to achieve anything.

What would you do right now if fear wasn’t an issue, if fear wasn’t even out there in the shadows? What would you embrace?

Are you really doing everything possible in your life to make it a memorable one, to leave a legacy, to make the world better and to improve the planet for the next generations? If you aren’t, then you need to look deep inside yourself and revisit what you once dreamed and aspired to become before the realities of the small life syndrome beat the dreamer our of you.

Its time to step up and take back what is yours! Start to breathe life in your lungs once again, close your eyes to see just what is possible with your minds eye. I want to know you are smiling as you do this. That feeling you get is life returning to your body. Embrace it and don’t ever let it go.

You are now on the road a life you will look back on with pride. GVB

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