Listen To Your Gut.

There is an old saying that says “you cant put an old head on young shoulders” to some level this is true. But on a personal note I feel that it is more in relation to parents trying to live their kid’s lives for them, or forcing them into careers and lives that they never wanted.

Instead of telling your kids they CAN’T do something, you should let them know that they CAN. Try to show them this on a daily basis what is possible by what you do, and by your actions.

I always made a point of just doing something, no matter how outlandish it may have seemed, immersing myself inside of it and conquering it. I have done this time and time again, and now I am a path divide in my life where I am stepping away from something I have loved for so long, but I feel now there is something else I have been put on this earth to do and if I don’t follow my heart and do this then the planet will be worse off for me not following my calling.

I have spoken often about gut instinct. Please and I say PLEASE, in your life listen to your gut. It is there for a reason and if you ignore what I believe to be one of or greatest instincts you will suffer for it. It is one of the greatest God given gifts we have. Nurture it, listen to it and you will always grow and be safe.

I feel the world is on the cusp of a monumental change. I feel that by having a solid knowledge of history and its battles will be of great benefit, as will having a solid knowledge of real martial arts and weapons training.

My father always encouraged us to be ready, never to trust large corporations or blindly believe governments as they don’t always have our best interests at heart. You must be self sufficient in your life, have the abilities to grow food and live from the land you know.

My father taught me that. His food comes from Heirloom seeds because the large seed corporations have genetically modified their products so they can only grow once. It means you have to keep purchasing from them, and the chemicals they are putting into the foods these days are horrendous and carcinogenic. Always be aware of what you put into your body as the results are cumulative and over time they can hurt you.

The world can be a wonderful place, always try to see the beauty of what you have as it can be rich and grand, but in amongst the world there is darkness and ugliness. So always beware. Use your gut instincts to direct you on the path. Work to hone that skill, it might just save your life one day when you least expect it.

I can only guess what the future will bring, but if you follow this path you will stand a great chance at prevailing. Continue to learn, read one book a week, build you vocabulary, learn to read peoples body language, watch their eyes. There is a great amount of truth in the old saying “the eyes are the window to the soul.” You can learn so much from someone by just looking them in the eye.

Learn to be a strong leader and speaker, people will be attracted to a powerful and strong leader. Don’t be swayed by the weak majority. They will try to tell you its impossible or you cant… show they you can. But above all listen to your gut.

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