Scratching the surface

This is the truth of what i see each day. People think that they do something a few times and then they GET IT! Im going to let you in on a little secret… If you think you do…YOU DON’T!

It take repetition and practice to become better than you were, it isn’t a one stop shop. You don’t just do something 5 or 10 times and think you understand it. Not even 100 or a thousand times does that, but it get you closer. you just have to be prepared to keep working…

My whole life has been filled with trying and failing. its a conscious thing with me… i know i will fail, i know i will be bad at things… but i also know that i am willing to put in the required amount of work to become better and better until i achieve whatever i put my mind to, no matter what.

For example, everyday i meet people who have done some martial arts or even hold a black belt and they think they are great. If they only knew that this is the time they need to be humble and need to realise that they have just really learned how to learn.

They think its done, they don’t want to scratch below the surface to realise that now the climb towards the summit begins, but most people aren’t prepared to put the work in. These are the members of the superficial world that we are allowing ourselves to live in. It is no different to the overnight instructors that appeared in Japan just after the war. Amateurs keeping just one lesson ahead of the students in a bid to grab money from the unknowing, not really ever looking into the depth of knowledge required to become a true teacher.

It frustrates me that people constantly whine and complain about not making it, not reaching it or not fulfilling their lives when they don’t put in the time or practice, going through the pain to master anything.

This relates to our society in general, we have all become sidetracked by devices and things that do nothing but consume our time to the point that our focus has reduced so much that we never really get anything done.

I have trained, failed and come back my entire life and I’m still nowhere near where i want to be, but I’m working on it. from 4am till 11pm or later each day i am up working on bettering myself, but not just for myself, for my family… for my kids. i know to really become anything of worth we need to do it for a greater cause than just ourselves. I do it for my family because i believe we need to lead by example for them.

You see if we don’t, then how can we ever tell them how or why they should focus in school, in life, on the sporting field, how to play fair, how to have honour in winning and losing? How do we do this when we are too distracted to focus ourselves.

I see people every day ignoring their lives as they watch their phones, uploading selfies onto social media to friends who in a majority, are nothing but glorified acquaintances at best. Yet we waste all our time on them, giving opinions and views on subjects that we will never change because we waste all our time on social media.

How do you incite change when you are in a living trance, almost to the point of being catatonic to the world around you. Its time to change!!! Get of you backsides , leave your phone behind, go outside, you won’t die without it!!! believe me, and if you do die, you won’t be here to care anyway. So shut up and do it.

Take a moment to look beneath the surface of your existence and develop your skills not your excuses, develop your language, be there for your kids, be a true mother, father, brother, sister or friend. Work on your passions and fight for your true life, don’t keep blaming every other damned thing but yourself for your failures. Assess each failure, calculate why you failed and then make a plan for your comeback into the fray, so you can earn your place on the planet and give you the chance to leave behind a better world.

Find out how deep life can be… learn how to guide your children by example instead of by voice from the couch. pick them up and raise them high in their lives.

But don’t push them to live the life you failed at, guide them into the life of their choosing and be happy to just be present to watch them grow. Nurture them, be kind to them, but when its time to be hard, be hard on them. there has to be a balance and a time to be both.

This is why if you look into the Yin and Yang symbol you will see a small piece of one inside the other as they can’t exist without each other, as we as human being cannot.

And remember that it is repetition performed correctly that will lead you to mastery… and one day when you are truly experienced you will then have the depth of knowledge and skill to realise that you are now smart enough and knowledgeable enough to know that you actually understand little… so little that being labelled a master of something is almost insulting. but that in itself is a true moment of realisation and growth.

You then discover that you have earned the right to be humble, you realise that you have gained enough knowledge to appreciate that we are all but part of a much larger world full of creations that are so rich in themselves that we are fortunate to even be amongst them.

So next time you look in the mirror, really look, look inside yourself, see the truth behind your eyes and then get out there and be, get out there and grow, and most of all, just get out there and be alive. GVB

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