I’d like to tell you why I believe we leave so many dreams unlived. They reason we don’t follow things through and the reason we all doubt ourselves so much.

I believe the world, depending on where you live or position yourself is inherently negative and if you want to make it, then it is your responsibility to search out the goodness inside of it. It exists everywhere, but you have to look for it.

You see it is easy to be negative, to believing everything will fail, to think world is ending, that the level of hate and uncertainty is growing all around us. This may well be true but it doesn’t mean we need uncertainty within us.

I believe people these days suffer from STM the “Single Try Mentality”.

They believe if it doesn’t work the first time, then it can’t work, and it can’t be for them. That is so far from the truth it almost hurts me to write.

Sure failure hurts. I know, as I have endured it many times…But giving up hurts more! I look back at all the great wisdom; inventions and cures that only came to fruition BECAUSE the people behind them were willing to fail.

Failure is all part of the process on the road to winning. Yes people will laugh at you, they will talk behind your back and write you off, but you have to treat this as inconsequential.

If you let negative thinkers and surrounding attitudes take you away from the game, then you weren’t playing to win in the first place.

You must commit yourself to everything you do. Be willing to fight, bleed and die for it. If you have this approach you may just make it. If you don’t have this approach at the moment, then set out to get it. It’s all there already, lying dormant inside your mind and heart. It has to be, because that’s where life starts. Didn’t you dream as a kid of becoming something great, world changing and brilliant! I know I did. So delve into realms of yourself and find you true self.  But remember, it just starts there, now needs to be put into action, and no matter what happens, keep that vision inside you, knowing everyday you are getting one step closer to its realisation.

This is the thing that will get you through when the world is against you, when you have no energy left inside, when you’re hurting more than you ever believed possible. In the words of Churchill “If you’re going through hell… keep going.”

Its during this time when champions are made. Not at the competition. By the time you get to the competition its already done.

I learned many years ago through hard old school martial arts training that you always had more to give. My Sensei was an old school Karateka and he pushed and pushed us until we would fall…then call us back to our feet and make us do more. At the time you struggle to fight through the pain, sometimes wondering why you’re doing it, but the spirit of a person is created and nurtured during these times. It is never the destination that makes us what we are.

I have always chosen the path of most resistance, as I knew the result would be better. The journey was always more arduous, painful and full of hidden dangers. People would openly laugh at me when I dreamed big, coming from the area I was from where it was pure working class, but I knew I wanted to be a champion, I yearned for it, and nothing was going to stop me from becoming it.

If you want to grow as a person, stop living in yesterday, stop believing what you once were is the reason you can never be. Spend a little time looking inside yourself to see what fire burns, what the future CAN BE. Then set out to take it. Step by step. Abraham Lincoln once said in regards to the saying “All good things come to those who wait”. His reply was “they might, but only the things that have been left behind by those who hustle”

I agree with him completely. My mother always said to me, “If you wait for things to turn up, the first things to turn up will be your toes.”


Step1: Find your passion

Step 2: Start

Step 3: Keep Going regardless of failure.

Step 4: refer to step 3.

This is the ONLY way to get to your goal, hard work, smart work, persistence, learning and immersion. You must IMMERSE yourself in what you need. I say need because a WANT you can live without. A NEED on the other hand, you require this to live, it gives you the energy to breathe, the energy to go through the pain, regardless of the hurt. If you keep to the path, follow the simple steps above and realise that your failures along the way are all part of the winning process, and then you will find your greatness.

So Believe in yourself, like your life depends on it…. because it does.

Now its time to get going with step 1. GVB

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