In the corporate world, and in the work environment in general we have specific people who are put in a position of power. Unfortunately for the many in a subordinate position to these people, they are at their mercy.

I see an almost endemic problem in the corporate world where power of this nature is abused on many levels. Firstly there is the power trip, where this new authority figure feels compelled to instigate their law, and to make people understand that “what the boss says goes!”

Unfortunately the business that surrounds this kind of person suffers at their very hands because, everyone around this person, who is forced to interact with this person and suffer the wrath of them, loses any sense of purpose and creativity.

Their opinion is no longer of value, so they soon stop having one. Their work rate reduces rapidly and they end up doing the absolute bare minimum to keep their job.

If you want your business to grow and your people to develop… and I say YOUR people because they are! If you really want your business to flourish, you need to know how to speak and value each and every member of the team. Know what makes them tick, what words inspire them and on the flip side, what words have the ability to crush them. In my years of teaching, I learned very quickly that what I say to one person to build them up might just emotionally crush another. Words have power… use them for good.

I speak often about the “I TEAM” because a team is still, at the end of the day, a team built from individuals, individual personalities and characters. It is your position as a team leader or manager to harness and develop these team members.

I’m a big believer is LEADING FROM WITHIN. I feel a great leader does this better than the bravado leader, who leads the charge from the front of the pack in search of glory or the “look at how important I am” syndrome.

I tell you this from my own experience. The team is a cell, and you are the nucleus. You wont get optimal performance from anyone, or actually understand the inner workings of your team, its emotional state, issues or output by sitting off in your separate high ceiling city view office AWAY from your team. You need to be WITH them, be available to them and nurture them if you want the most from them.

But remember it’s a two way street. Your team needs to feel valued, that their opinions matter and will be considered, and that some of their vision might be implemented into the daily day running of that team.

Face to face old value communication need to return to this electronic age, highly introverted, email mentality we have lazily succumbed to. Lose the high walled compartments. Lets actually see each others eyes again, so you can grab a quick face to face with someone rather than email them from cubicle to cubicle. Get up and walk to someone’s desk to solve a problem in thirty seconds rather than twenty six emails of varying levels of interpretation.

I promise you from my own experience running teams at a high level and under extreme pressure in a results based environment, that this IS the way to make it.

So lets just have a little more effort from each of us to bring back the basic language and interaction skills our ancestors spent so many centuries developing. Lets make a point of actually caring about someone’s day when you ask, and always do more than you are paid for. This isn’t for the boss… this is for you. It will help your mindset, inner value and pride.

This is my condensed view on running teams. Put it into practice. It works. GVB


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