As each of us passes along on our life’s journeys, do many of us ever take the time to stop and  question WHY we are doing this?

I do… and one thing i have come to realise is this. we all seem to think about tomorrow. I truly wish that as children we were told one piece of vital information…every day we are dying, each breath taking us closer to the end. It may be harsh, but i think it would peel the onion layer of our self consciousness away and we would then take immediate action to do what is important to US!

You see one of the issues is, we have become a world where mediocre is the norm, where if someone says they will and then they don’t, we accept that. I’m telling you now…  there is always more that we can do.

But first we have to be true to ourselves, in our actions. we need to once again make our word BE our word. Honour it and follow it through.

Our word used to be solid, it was our contract, but somewhere along the way, the token Hollywood Promise became the normality. To make our society better, we need to reclaim our word for what it truly means. If we really step up and do this, if we make that decision to be true to our word, i guarantee we will see a positive change in all those that come into contact with us.

People today have become so dejected about what people say and how nobody has moral standards any more that we have lost faith in ourselves and our fellow man.

This is why people are driven to the edge of life, this is why we spend our lives in shoe boxes we call work, never really stepping out of the shadows of someone else’s plan, which just by chance happens to consume all the hours of our day. A lack of trust forms a lack of faith and one compounds the other.

So lets start spending our time gaining and gathering knowledge. bettering ourselves so we can grow inside. take this knowledge to create a better life, and that of our family’s

When we have no purpose, this is when depression sets in. i know this first hand, i have been there. This issue begins when we flounder, when we subsist, when we think that the world has no need for us and no real place or purpose for us.

But if we decide to change, then step by step we can start to grow again. if we just take that initial step. It may seem so small that to other people it is almost invisible, but inside ourselves we will now we have started again on the path. this is a great place to be.

Start small, gaining pace, increasing our stride, every day, gaining pace, increasing your stride, until you look back one day and realise that you are in full flight, poetic and effortless in your actions. This is how it happens. this is exactly how it happens. Step By Step. So start on the path today. GVB

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