The Destinations Journey

Where do we see ourselves? In a week, in a year, in 5 years?

Do we really spend much time questioning this? i know in recent times i have done this a great deal. I believe most of us never ask ourselves this question with any vehemence, as many of us really don’t know, or don’t really want to know what the answer will be.

So what happens if we never answer this question? What does that mean for us? Its been proven over time that written plans are nearly always carried out and completed. If this is the case, why don’t more of us do it?

I know in the past that i have been guilty of the same pathetic inactions that i now speak, but it is through my own misfortunes that i came to understand the importance of fulfilling my goals.

Our need for doing this should be based on not knowing how long we will in fact be here. Every day we creep closer to the finish line, but we all seem to believe it is endless. I have come to realise, as many of us should, that our time is not infinite. this is why setting time frames and goals is vitally important to our success.

If we continue to flounder along an incomplete pathway, with no true certainty of direction or purpose, then we are by our own inactions destined to fail.

Daily i see too many of friends and loved ones coasting towards a similar destination. I don’t want this for anyone. i want to see people achieve. We are all part of the same species and it makes us grow as a whole when more and more people realise their pathways.

So i ask this one simple thing of you… experiment with setting one goal, just one… and see it through to the end. No matter if it works or not, because either way you will have a result.

Our world is based on results. Many things fail, as many successes failed many times, as did many successful people… so do not be despondent if your goal fails, as the result in itself is a win. It is a win, for it teaches you a better direction to move in for the resetting of the goal and for the reattempt.

This is how winning is done… This is how we truly learn.

It is the bitter taste of defeat that separates us. In school we are taught that is is bad to be wrong, that if we raise our hands and ask a question that is seen by others as obvious, that we are stupid. This is the start of the pathway to failure right there, for if we don’t develop the courage to ask, the courage to find out, then how will we ever truly know?

I love the challenge of not knowing something, because it gives the the desire to learn, i enjoy making mistakes, no matter how much they hurt sometimes, because it gives me the chance to grow.
This is one of the greatest things you can ever teach yourself and your children.

The power of the question, the ambition of learning, the growth in new understanding and the never ending joy of fulfilling ones goals. It is our hardships that makes us, not the winning.

So set a goal, really set it. Start on it right away, and see it through no matter what the outcome. you will be a better person for doing it as it will change your attitude to failure. failure is good, everyone fails, it just takes that little bit of courage to climb back up. the rewards are worth the falls, so do yourself the privilege of taking the step, wearing the fall, climbing back up, and moving forward. plan your goals and fulfil the one by one and one day you will thank yourself that you did.

May you succeed in you failures and grow. Now get to it. GVB

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