The Law of Attraction


The law of attraction will apply to you when you have massive energy and enthusiasm for what you do.

We call this the law of attraction because when you move on your true path then the universe will open up and success will follow closely.

There’s an old joke that talks about a West Texas Rancher, an incredibly rich man, with oil wells, millions in cash and miles of land. He was holding a coming out party for his daughter and using it to scan for potential husbands for her.

At midnight he took all the potential suiters out to his olympic size swimming pool beside the home. It was filled with eels and alligators, the water was ice cold, and the rancher said “Anyone who makes it to the end of the pool by swimming under water will get a choice of the following, 5000 acres of my best land, a million dollars in cash, or the hand of my daughter in marriage… and as you know, my daughter is my only heir and will be left everything.”

The next thing there was a loud splash, everyone watched in silence as this young man hit the water, disappearing until he popped out at the other end. Everyone was amazed… they cheered loudly. The texan went up to congratulate him. He said “Well done son. now what prize do you want? Do you want the land? The young man shook his head. The rancher said “You want the million dollars?” the young man shook his head. “Well then you must want my daughters hand in marriage?” The young man shook his head. The rancher, now confused said, “Well what do you want?” The young man looked at him and said “ i want the name of that guy who pushed me into the pool”.

This is only a motivation joke, but it shows you how quickly you can get motivated to act.

One thing i have learned in my life is that you need goals in order to succeed. You require both long and short range goals in order to continually keep the energy up and to keep you working towards the prize you desire. This is very important. If you have dreams but don’t act on them, then you are nothing but a dreamer. You need to put these things into action in order to continually step towards your dream and make it a reality.

i didn’t realise how important this was until i kept a diary or a journal. I started to keep daily records of what my training was to be, and what my goals, both long and short were to be. Then i utilised ever day to its fullest to work towards those things.

You must be diligent about you actions in order to achieve this.

When i was very young i worked out that if i just got up one hour earlier and stayed up one hour later each day. i realised by doing this it gave me an extra month of awake time a year. It is unbelievable how much more switched on your brain becomes when you do this. Also because everyone else is asleep you have the quiet to really get things done. In this quiet time you will find that your brain goes to completely different places that it would never be able to do when distractions surround you.

I must stress this one thing though, take time for the ones you love. i found when i was young that i became 100 percent committed to the point of obsession to the pursuit of my dream. It destroyed many relationships and friendships because i became so consumed by my own importance. Be sure to divide your time carefully. The greatest thing i ever found was balance… making sure when I put my time into something, I filled the time with complete focus and never deviated. Do not let the mind wander when you train or work towards your goal.

When you spend time with your family, give them 100 percent of you. Don’t spend it on the phone, don’t spend it having coffee or chatting with friends. Spend the time with the ones you love and give them your full attention. this especially applies to your children.

I must say, on a side note, I dislike children’s play areas. I have found that it is a child “free for all” where parents can basically let their kids loose like wild animals to do as they please whilst the parents sit, on the phone, texting or chatting with friends. We never get this time back, embrace it.

I heard a wonderful speaker once say that as humans we should once in a while just close our eyes and imagine that everyone close to us was taken away from us permanently. you need to do this to show yourself how important that your family are to you, how important your friends are to you, and especially how important your children are to you. Spend your time with them, truly with them.

The same goes for you career, business or life in general. when you divide your time up with structure, it gives you the opportunity to separate activities and actions so you devote fully to each of them.

When you do this with your time, you will become more creative, more motivated and achieve more quality in whatever it is you choose to do.

If you can actually learn this, the power of attraction will apply to you because other people who don’t understand how to do this will wonder how you can get so much done. They will be mystified about how you find the time, and they will want to know how you do it! they will want to become attached to you.

In regards to these people, if you are to move forward in your life at a vast rate you must also attach yourself to other people like you. Beware of those vacuous people who have nothing to give back to you as they have the potential to drag you down to their levels.

We made a massive change recently in our lives because we needed to grow, and i needed to personally do this for our families future. This is a choice many of us will have to make for a growth and development in our future.

It has given me the opening to start my motivational company, write books and speeches which will help people and grow. Had we mot made this change our life would be very different right now as where we were recently we were all suffering.

Don’t be afraid to make the decisions in your life to go for what you want. If you commit 100 percent then you will be in the top 1 percent of the country and the top 5 percent of the world. if you don’t know how, then LEARN! Apply yourself to your vision and you will constantly amaze yourself with the progress you make.

So start, keep going, go through the fires of hell, keep going, go to the heights of the world, keep going and then just keep on going until the dream is done. Then find the next dream and reapply the knowledge and mastery of the last endeavour to the new on and it will shave years off the pathway.

I know this by living this. GVB

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