Recently it was my friends 44th birthday. We were at the celebration, when for a moment, I paused for just a moment in time… i looked at my friends.

I noticed that they had all aged. Not externally, this was different. Something else…The light had faded from their eyes. I went home that night in deep thought… why…

Then at 3am it came to me.

As kids we all had dreams… I remember sitting around the backyard acting them out… great, wild and vivid dreams about what we were going to be…, Great things we were going bring to the world.
But somewhere along the way we bought into this concept of a materialistic world & we started wasting our lives chasing something that could never ever fulfil us. Money… You see as kids this stuff was never that important, we never really had any anyway, so I never missed not having it.

When I was a teenager I started chasing after my dreams whilst many of my friends took jobs… soon they got the taste for money.

Many a time they drive past me in their cars whilst I waited for a bus and say “You should get a job, make some money.” But I was always too naive to listen. So when they told me to stop, i just kept on going.  Looking back at the time I didn’t know it, but I now feel spending my time chasing a dream was all becoming strong work ethic… and this became the reason for my many successes in life.

So when did we get lost in a world where it mattered more about where you live, what kind of car you drive or how much money you made. Rather than what kind of person you were and what was in your heart.

It has all created a life of lesser existence for us, working 70 hours a week in jobs we hate, to pay for houses we cant afford, to take care of a family we never see…And before we know we’re 70 years old and no better off. But it is only then we will realise that we have missed our very lives.

We take our time for granted… and when we do get a moment off we waste it. Because of materialistic influences we think we need…Nothing gets our full attention anymore. Not our friends, not our family, not even our kids.

Daily I see Parents wasting the only time they have with their kids, letting them run wild in play areas whilst they sit having coffee and staring blankly at their i-phones. Checking to see what’s happening in the world, when the very beauty of life is happening right in front of their eyes.

We live in a world of technology and personalised electronic communication that by its very nature has made us so introverted that we have lost the basic art of communication.

This has all made me reflect on my own life…

I think of all my friends that I have lost on the way. I close my eyes and think of them and wonder what they would give for a chance of just one more day…

To hold a loved one, once more, to watch the sun rise, or to impart their now lost wisdom on their children they will never see grow.

Each day I rise and repeat this statement to myself. “I will not be a disappointment to my life.”

I state this to myself every single day.

Because if we don’t commit to living our lives, if we don’t commit our time, our effort, we will never reach the true heights what we were put here to achieve and the world will miss something very special.

Don’t take your life for granted. If you have a goal… start. If you have a family or children, turn off your phone and your mind on.

I promise you, they will amaze you.Don’t be guilty of living a part time life? Learn to live again, breathe deep. let the air of life fill your lungs. Appreciate the wonder of your time here, gather knowledge, better yourself, so you can give something back, that way we can all grow.

Start today… Start small, with baby steps, every day gaining pace, increasing your stride, and you will look back one day and realise you are in full flight, poetic and effortless in your actions. Each step taking you closer to your dreams.

Don’t become a disappointment to your life.

This is your TIME.

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