Tough Times

Regardless of tough times, always keep your mind on the prize… not your eyes, because once the mind wanders it is dificult to get it back on course.

No person of greatness ever got where they did without going through obstacle after obstacle. They just never lost their faith in what the future held for them.

Every day I have to work on my goals, as do you if you really want to make it. You have to make it a religious commitment to yourself. If you don’t, then you WILL put things off. People waste so much time, so much life just watching tv or getting side tracked.  They never really utilise their true God given talents.

Greatness is in you, it is whether you want to reach deep inside yourself and find what your true calling is that will make the difference regarding the life you live. I can only tell you to go for it! Have the courage to take the hits and keep on going. It’s a simple system but it works.

Every single day look into the future and dream of what you will be and then set about becoming it.If things don’t go well, be prepared to bounce back, new people, and a change in directions will create a new opportunity to succeed.

Lead by example. This is what I do for my kids. Let every mistake you make teach you a lesson to help you learn and grow.

Don’t ever quit, don’t lose faith when times get hard, and they will, just look deep inside again at what you want to be, come back with a vengeance and conquer your dream.

Whenever you learn something new it will seem foreign and difficult. This is because it is being worked on at the conscious mind level. The conscious mind can only do one thing at a time. Once you do it enough, it enters the subconscious mind where it all becomes part of the brain’s super computer and can be carried out as easily as breathing.

Most people only ever learn enough to scrape the surface of the subconscious mind which is why they never excel. To reach the inner realm of the subconscious it takes up to ten thousand hours of correct practice.

When I look back I realise it is how I became a cahmpion and a success in so many areas. I put in literally htousands of hours of work. You too can do this if you really want to win.

What does it mean to really live your dream, follow your passion? I cant really describe it in any other way but “not empty”. Whenever I have worked for other people I have had this empty feeling, like my life was drifting away from me and I was losing my life’s most prescious element… time.

Don’t ever be frivolous with something you can never get back. Don’t hide away in the shelter of a mere existence. Step into your sunlight, your life will be radiant there.

Find the courage and take the step. GVB

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