Looking back, i have times of deep realisation about why most of us are destined to fail in our pursuits. We fail so we can learn, because we need to grow, to grow so we will not remain in the state of mediocrity that continually presides above so many of us. The trouble is, so few of the people close to us and around us have actually put in the effort to pull themselves out of this abyss. So few have dug deep enough into their spirit and fought their way back that it all seems like a mystery to us. We have resided ourselves to thinking there is no way that success or victory could ever happen to us. Negative voices inside our minds talk to us and almost force us to stop any forward progress. The problem most of us have, is that we listen…

Every day i climb out of bed knowing too well I’m going to have to confront these inner voices of failure that talk to me. I have to constantly fight for what’s mine, telling them “I am good enough” “I am gifted enough” “ I do have what it takes”. its tough at times when your mind wears you down ad those around you don’t believe in you. Sometimes it will degrade you , make you question your very being and passage in life, but i will tell you something i have learned the hard way… everyday you have to win this fight.
You have to win this fight as it is the fight for you life, the life you want, the life you need and the life you chose to live. If someone was holding one of your family at knife point with no chance of survival unless you intervened, what would you do? Would you just stand and watch them die? Would you allow the vision for your life to die? i hope not. Put that vision in your head every day.

My family and friends know that i want to be everything i can ever be for them. They are my life, my breath, my world, my everything… i strive to be the best, to learn so i can teach others, to help them grow because i want them to live in the world where there is a future, a possibility for growth and success, a place they can be safe to one day raise their own family and flourish.

We owe it not just to ourselves,but to our young ones to do this very thing. and we must start today. you see none of us knows how much time we have on our journey through this world, so we must embrace the moment. i was speaking to my dear friend Dr George Miller yesterday and we spoke of the worlds recent loss of the wonderful Robin Williams and how purpose, when lost, can cripple us, even destroy us. So i say, spend the time, find your vision, have a goal to better those around you, lose the jealousy of others who do better than you. Embrace those you love and know, and help those in need.

Remember we have two ears, two eyes and one mouth and use them in this ratio. truly listen, instead of just waiting for your chance to speak. make these small changes, bit by bit, step by step and you will start yourself on a pathway to a better world and a closer family.

I chose to write a guide book for my children. Every day i write a few more pages, as i want to give them everything i have inside of me, every piece of knowledge i have learned, from the hard way to the easy, every moment of joy they should remember to embrace, every book they should read. To never forget that it is the simple things that make life richer than money could ever do, from relationships, to sitting in the wilderness, or just looking into the eyes of the ones you love.

I write this for them just in case it is ever needed. no matter what the world may present them with, they will have a small guide from daddy to give them the ability to overcome.

My wish is that they be ready, ready to take on any challenge with everything you have inside of them, to know that they will fight the fight necessary to find victory, even in defeat they will win. As it is in defeat that they will learn the lessons to come back, the growth they have been lacking that took them to that loss, and the development you were desperately in need of making in order to come back again.

On a final note i want to say this. Hold your children high. Do this daily. I hold both my son and daughter high above my head, i look into their eyes as it gives me life, because in them i see a bright future, possibilities unknown, the innocence and power of an unharnessed energy, unfettered by the influences of the world at large, a brightness and vibrance that too many of us have let go because the forces of this world have repeatedly crushed our spirit and told us no, and we were naive enough to listen.

So raise your children up, verbally, mentally and spiritually. Let them know the word is theirs and they can be the very best they can be. Too many times we tell them they’re bad, they can’t be something, or they are dreamers. Children are what we teach them to be. If we speak negative things to them, they will turn out to think negative, if we stifle in their dreaming, they will never believe they can be anything of worth, when in reality their future is unwritten. So don’t crush their dreams, teach them to be positive, to create, not destroy, to grow, not to shrink and above all respect the fragility of life by loving our planet, not by toxifying it.

Also make the time just once, to get your children to rise before dawn so they can witness the sun rise, to feel the warmth of life it gives, or let them stay up late one night to see the wonder of our stars, the solar system and its moon in a clear night sky.

But mostly, teach them to overcome their fears and inner voices of failure, and show them its okay to fail, so from it they can learn the skills to succeed and create a better world for the next generation that they will hold in their hands.

This is my hope for our children and those around us. What do you hope for yours? GVB

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