Lessons for your kids from GVB

Be sure to get your children to use their childhood not only to have fun, but to enhance their skills and strength. We are living in such a sedentary (lazy) world these days that we are becoming susceptible to internal health issues because we are not doing anything physical. Learning to be skilled on a physical level makes your body function better and in doing this it makes your brain function more clearly.

You have to remember, the day will come when you will need your strength, stamina and power. Trouble is, if you have spent your life on you backside, not growing physically proficient or teaching yourself to be mentally aware of your surroundings, or what is going on inside the world you live, then you may just pay a very dear price.

So take care of your body, your mind and health. Money cannot buy these things back once they’re gone, and many a rich man would have given his entire fortune for another day of life.

I spent so much of my childhood in the Australian bushland at the back of our home that it became part of my lifestyle. It made me skilled in bush craft, balance, awareness and wildlife. The lessons I learned about life and myself helped to make my abilities flourish in that realm. I fear that many children will never witness this amazing part of life.

As your children grow, you should make a point of continually get them to test their abilities. Tell them “Don’t be afraid to be bad at something.” We are all bad at various activities when we first start, but over time as we train and develop our skills, we find those things that were once difficult, now come with ease and control. Never worry what people might say about you, or what they think of you. What they think of you is none of your business.

Don’t let it deviate them from their dreams and goals. Sometimes it can be hard to ignore the negative people, but show them why they should always fight to keep their resolve and stay their path. You always have to remember none of us is getting out of life alive, so why be scared of what people think, or if you fail at something.

As they grow into teenagers they will go through a phase of life that will test them and pull them in every single direction. They will start to like things they never thought they would like, they will start to find skills in sports and learning or creativity they never dreamed they had. This is an important time in all your lives because it is here that many people get shaped… and not always in a good way. This is the stage of life that peer group pressure and start to burden the very world we live in.

Peer group pressure has always existed. It’s the want of the bullies, or the “IN” groups to attempt to force you to fit in with what they want. I NEVER SUCCUMBED TO THIS! I was always strong of mind, even when people tried to force me, I never caved to them or their pressure.

Teach your kids to “Always walk to their own drummer, no matter the cost, no matter the people who might not like them for it.” They need to be true to themselves, stand their ground and do not be swayed. I will tell you now, the character they will build from this type of mindset is the mind of a leader, the mind of a champion and the mind of a true person of integrity. Be this kind of person.

I have lost so many friends on the way through suicide, drugs accidents and crime, that could have all been prevented if they only had the courage and resolve to say no. No I wont get in that car with you! No I wont vandalize that house! No I don’t want those drugs! No I wont hurt that person!

These decisions will always have ramifications in your kids lives, but if they stand their ground and make the gut decision that they know inside is right for them, they will always be ok. When I think back, I get sad for all the friends I have lost. So many people who will never realize their potential, their dreams or a full life, when they had so much to offer and so much to learn.

One of the greatest teenage lessons I can give you for your kids is about cars. Don’t ever let your kids get into a car with a large group of teens, be it their friends or others. So many kids have died this way. Teach them how to use their judgment before getting into a car with anyone.

The day your kids learn to drive, pay for them to do an advanced driver training course. I compare it to our police force’s understanding of firearms. They have firearms but do very little training with them. Problem is, when the time comes to use it to save their lives, they haven’t been equipped with the skills to use their side arms… and they die because of it.

It would be like putting your life in the hands of a person who has done a weekend course in surgery versus a world leading expert in the field… I know which one is more likely to keep me alive. Become a master in all that you do, especially when your life might just depend on it when you least expect it.

Same goes for firearms and martial arts. We live in an ever changing world where instability and violence is everywhere. If you travel unprepared you will lose. So become strong, agile and skilled with you hands, your feet, firearms, blades and improvised weapons… but above all, train your brain. Build its awareness and knowledge, as it will be the reason above all that you survive.

In life, things will happen that are out of your control, don’t worry about that stuff. Just adapt and move forward. In martial arts we talk about the oak tree having its root system fixed firmly in the ground, whilst the higher up the tree you climb, the more malleable it becomes. Be like the tree. Have your feet firmly planted but be malleable enough to move with the world and adapt, as you need to adapt.

Learn history so you can see the future. Everything the human species does is cyclic. Fashion revolves, as do wars. We never really seem to learn, but we do seem to survive as a species. Sometimes I wonder how we ever got this far. I fear for the future because of all our religions. To me it doesn’t matter what god you believe in or faith you follow, religion is a global killer. We have extremist views in every religion. If people just took the time to realize that religion and the stories are just a personification of nature and its cycles, we would be in a better place.

Religion is a dangerous animal in the wrong hands. When people are missing something in their lives and they look to find faith in something, they should be very careful of what they choose. I believe that religion many eons ago might have started for the right reasons, but then the people in charge realized that there was money to be made, fear to be created and hatred to be manipulated if they were to alter, twist or rewrite over the original meanings.

Once mankind understood how to manipulate the greater population via this, the whole world was made to suffer. One of the greatest things a child can ever ask for in life is the love of their family, parent who will care, love and guide them. Be there for them no matter what the circumstances and help them back onto the path. As a child you never dream that these overbearing, nagging, strict people actually have your best interests at heart.

I used to hate it when I was a kid and my mum and dad wouldn’t let me go to things, parties, concerts and sleepovers. I would argue with them for hours because of their views. But now, many years later, and having you as our children, I know what they were trying to do. See many of my friends who went out to those parties got into fights, got so intoxicated they died, got girls pregnant and had their lives changed forever. I now thank them for their rules and guidance.

When I realised that I wasn’t going to be allowed out to those things till I was much older, I redirected my energy into my training and started being an incredibly competitive sportsman.

This potential was realized when I became a representative soccer player, martial artist and the worlds youngest ever pro natural bodybuilder at age 20. Now I thank them for everything they did, as if it hadn’t been for their intervention I may have fallen into the same abyss that many of my friends did.

Many of us get caught up in a life that has no meaning, and we don’t realize it until its almost too late to change. So teach your kids, when they make a decision, make an informed decision as every choice you make is shaping your life for the better or worse. Make the choice the one that in your gut tells you is the right one for you.

No matter what anyone else says or believes, if you look deep inside your inner self you will know which route to take. Sometimes it will be hard, sometimes it will be rough and you’ll wonder why you chose this path, or why you ever came this way, but remember this… life is always teaching you something, and it is usually teaching you something that you have neglected to put the work into that has caused you some hardships and some issues, and you needed this life’s lesson to make the change.

The margin for error in life is so finite between winning and losing that it is almost too small to measure. If you don’t put in the time to learn, the effort in to grow, or the foresight to plan, then you will get an unfulfilled life.

The best laid plans can come unstuck of course, but if you have a plan laid out, it will show you where you came unstuck and it will allow you to find your way back onto the path so you can redirect your energy into coming back again.

One thing I will say to you now is of the utmost importance. If something lies deep inside you as a passion, as a dream… work to fulfill it! Don’t just try once and give up if you fail… COME BACK AGAIN! Come back and win!

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